jewelman said: >Hey, so, I had a really fun time with you at the party. Come get a smoothie with me today, okay? It's my biiirthdaaaay.

Even though the night hadn’t ended with a huge blowout with Splash the way he wanted, Forte had to admit that:

•He didn’t have a bad time at the prom and

•It was gratifying to hear he was the best at being a prom date

Still, he wasn’t sure if he liked being bossed around by some Lightbot… but at the same time, smoothies. Then, factoring in just how badly he didn’t want to be at the fortress…

>43° 42’ 46.4148” N 79° 20’ 30.5988” W

he wrote back- the coordinates to a smoothie shop not too far from Jewel. Gospel barked, agreeing Forte help him find his pants if he was allowed to come this time, because fuck you Forte, I’m coming. I can’t believe you ditched me for prom you cock-sucking son of a w-


>I’ll be there at 1530. 

It might actually be interesting to go there without having to be on his best behaviour… he had nothing to prove now. 

Mission Accomplished: ABORT MISSION


"Uhm-…" Jewel balked, not having expected that short of a reaction from Forte when it came to such a topic. Surely Splash had talked to him about it at great length, so why was he looking at him so cluelessly? It felt like the SWN’s confusion was contagious.

"Well, you know, the situation…" He uttered, suddenly feeling self-conscious about it. "The one that we went through. That situation."

"I- uh-" Forte’s mind raced as he strained to remember anything specific Splash had said. 

"I mean, I don’t really know much about the details but, uh, I guess you mean when you fought Rockman?" he offered, uncomfortable, and feeling like he’d opened a can of worms. "I was offline for the ninth gen’s fight against him, and Splash’s never really brought it up." Probably. He was pretty sure. Maybe once." 

Forte resumed drinking, his cheeks starting to look a little pink.  

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Mission Accomplished: The Accomplishedening


Jewel’s brows furrowed, fixing Forte with a confused look. Offense? To what exactly? The comment about his sister, or about Rock? “You know, I’ve noticed this common misconception you Wily Numbers seem to have about us ninth generations is that we’re all ‘yes-men’ like the first line, or that we’ve all just forgiven and forgotten everything that happened not so long ago.” Jewel paused in his explanation long enough to gulp down about a third of his beer, maybe a little huffy.

"Sure, we get along decently, and we live in the same house, but if Dr. Light told Rock tomorrow to end our lives, we all know what’d happen… but I’m sure Splash has already talked your earcaps off about the whole situation, so I’ll spare you."

Forte’s eyes seemed to momentarily point in two different directions. 

HAD she talked his earcaps about… whatever Jewel wasn’t going to tell him? It all seemed to go right over his head, and he stared at Jewel helplessly. 

"What?" he finally asked. "Situation?" 

He’d been offline after the defeat of the eighth numbers, and brought back online, upgraded, just before the whole Roboenza Bullshit Extravaganza. That and without any backstory, whenever Splash whined on about how “unfair” humans were, he’d just taken it as typical anti-human speech that the robots all seemed to be unanimous on. 

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Mission Accomplished: The Accomplishedening



Forte? Bitter? Never!

"Did she? WELL, she’s barking up the wrong tree if she thinks she’s gonna win me back THAT easy." he announced with an arrogant toss of his head, though he didn’t take any particular precaution to hide his hurt expression. 

Their drinks were both quickly refilled by DJ Mixnpour, who was a shockingly reliable bartender (and revolutionary). 

"I thought she’d be over there shittalking me for sure." he added with a bit of a pout, sounding much more like his usual self than he had in a while.

"Oh, absolutely." He agreed, being careful to hide the laughter in his tone as their drinks were refilled. "That is, she’d have to ‘try harder’- I’d be awfully put out if she were to ‘win’ my prom date over just like that!"

Jewel was sure that Forte was probably considered completely obnoxious to just about everyone who met him, having previously held similar opinions of the SWN himself, but the more they spoke the less bothered he seemed. In fact, the mining robot appeared fully entertained by the petulant and strangely justifiable pronouncements, but perhaps it was the lighting and atmosphere of the party that were setting such a mood.

"In all honesty, she was a little mad… You know how she can be though." He explained, waving in a weak sort of ‘don’t worry about it’ fashion before taking his first sip.

She was a little mad? Good. A little mad was better than no mad, and it meant the seed had been planted, at least. 

"After the things she said to me? She’d have to defeat Rockman before I’d even START to consider considering taking her back!" Forte crowed, forgetting himself entirely in the wake of his minute victory, taking a long drink of his refreshed beer. Drinking wasn’t really his thing, but something Forte did a few times a year. That was more Splash’s thing because she was a drunk whore

"Uh, no offence." He added, freezing with his glass halfway to his lips, eyes wide… unsure if he’d just offended his date. 

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DJ Mixnpour: Revengeance


"Hm? Why wouldn’t it be?" Jewel began, releasing his shoulder."– oh, right… Nothing to worry about!" He assured, pulling out the seat next to him so that he could join him at the bar, already waving crunchrap over to refill their drinks.

"Just catching up with my sister really quick; she thought you looked nice, by the way." He added, aiming to get that grave expression off of his face as he remembered what Splash’d said about Forte probably just trying to impress her. 

Forte? Bitter? Never!

"Did she? WELL, she’s barking up the wrong tree if she thinks she’s gonna win me back THAT easy." he announced with an arrogant toss of his head, though he didn’t take any particular precaution to hide his hurt expression. 

Their drinks were both quickly refilled by DJ Mixnpour, who was a shockingly reliable bartender (and revolutionary). 

"I thought she’d be over there shittalking me for sure." he added with a bit of a pout, sounding much more like his usual self than he had in a while.

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You certainly complain like one.



"Absolutely," she smiles at his splendid idea. "I’m sorry I overreacted. I’ll let you get back to babysitting him now," she offered with a smirk, and hooked his arm in hers to lead him back around the corner of the hedge maze she’d dragged him around.

"Oh but one last thing," she stops and looks up at him, linking hands and doing the cute face she does when she wants a favor. "When this party is over, I wonder if you wouldn’t mind sneaking me home with you? Not for very long, I don’t really want to talk to anyone else there," she shrugs, "but running into each other once a year around everyone else we know isn’t really an ideal way for friends to get to know one another." Whoops. "And especially not siblings." Nice save?

Looking down at Splash, Jewel’s brows rose in curiosity at her ‘one last thing’, wondering what ever it could be. Seeing that face of hers was cause enough for his curious expression as she took his arm and headed back out into the party.

"Really? You want to come back home for a while? To visit?" Was he understanding her correctly? He brightened and gave her a nod. "Please! Stay as long as you’d like, my space is yours." He insisted, beaming. "Just come and find me when you’re ready to go home, alright?"

Splash wanting to spend some time with him like that out of the blue really was a pleasant surprise! However, it was time to get back to his date and apologize, since he’d been doing nothing but spending time with other people since he’d arrived. 

Chipperly waving goodbye to his sister, he started looking around for the SWN, eventually finding him seated by himself near the bar.
"Sorry about that." Jewel murmured, stepping up behind him with a smile and putting a hand on Forte’s shoulder. "I hope you weren’t waiting too lon…g…" He finished, trailing as his gaze fell upon a mostly emptied glass of beer, with the other drinks he’d been holding nowhere in sight. Hm.

Forte had been waiting a little too long, Jewel’s beer mostly drained and Splash’s champagne flute emptied. His own beer glass was nowhere to be seen, but the sogginess of his socks reminded him of where it’d been left. 

Splash had seemed mad, which was good, but Jewel’d been left alone with her, which was bad. He assumed that his date was just subjected to five straight minutes of shit-talking, and probably wouldn’t be back. 

And then he was! 

"Oh hey." Forte greeted, looking up somberly at Jewel. "Everything ok?" 

He looked like he was expecting the worst.

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"Thank you darling," Splash replies with a little downward wave of her hand, as if she were thanking any other stranger for a compliment. "You both look dashing as well. Though I wonder if I might have a moment alone with my brother? Yes?" She moves between the two boys and shoves her champagne into Forte’s hand. "Thank you dear, we’ll just be a moment." She hooks Jewel’s arm almost violently and, without a hint of grace or patience, drags him into the nearby hedge maze.

Once at least out of sight, she goes from dragging to just tugging Jewel along. Getting out of earshot would probably be pointless, so when they stop she resorts to simply messaging him. With the most offended look on her pretty little expertly made-up face.


>Just tell me he’s holding someone hostage, please. That’s all I want to hear.

A pause, she holds her hand up to stop him from replying.

>Unless it’s Light, because that will only make me angrier. You’re welcome to make someone up if that’s the case.

Not really having a chance to get another word in edgewise before Splash hooked her arm around his and began to drag him off, Jewel frantically did as his sister had before and clumsily shoved his beer into Forte’s hands.

It was probably quite comical to watch their endeavor toward the bushes, leaving the SWN to stand there juggling three separate drinks, and their height difference causing the gem cutting DLN to stagger a little while being hauled along.

"Splash-" He huffed once inside the hedge maze, brushing foliage off his suit and fixing with his hair from where she’d dinged his head on a bush as she dragged him along. She didn’t have to DRAG him like that! He could walk!

And now she was going to message him instead of talking? In the least expressive and most accusatory fashion possible?! Matching her offended expression, he crossed his arms.

> Sorry to say, he’s really not holding anyone hostage.

> Did you really have to drag me off to interrogate me like this?

Not being trusted more than that by his dear sister hurt a lot more than he wanted to admit, but there were more pressing matters.

> You’re not the only one with questions, you know.

Forte glared after them both, holding all three glasses if only just barely. His ex ran off with his date. His ex just ran off with his date. That gigantic fishy BITCH! He looked to his side to gripe to Gospel, forgetting his companion had opted out of the shindig, saying the second-hand cringe of it all would do him in.

"What’s he know, anyway." Forte grumbled to himself, wallowing in self pity, his own beer slipping out of his grasp to splash all over his shoes.

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"Forte," Splash replies chipperly, keeping her arms a little closer to her body as he looked her over, unaware of it. She only did that around bots like Wave or Percy, whose mental undressing of her made her uncomfortable. Maybe Forte didn’t know her well enough to catch that little unconscious insult. "You’re looking better. But it’s dreadfully rude to interrupt someone else’s conversation like that~" 

She keeps the stone smile on her face while she looked between them, giving Jewel and Jewel alone the look that she hoped broadcasted that she was, although entirely confused about it, aware of what was going down. And oddly enough, found herself angrier at Jewel than Forte. At least Jewel knew better. “Jewel dear it really is a shame that you had to come with no one. Why didn’t you ask me? You know I would have jumped at the opportunity.”

Forte might not have recognized it, but Jewel certainly did. Feeling the SWN slide up behind him, Jewel swore he felt his core sink… Why hadn’t he stayed like he’d asked!?

"Thank you." Jewel murmured, sounding a little more distant than he’d meant to as his drink was slipped into his gloved hand. Surely this must have looked as horrible as it was, but what could he do? He couldn’t just say 'Thanks for the drink, stranger!' to a guy who was literally wearing something that complemented his own outfit, down to the cufflinks. They all knew that Forte’s fashion sense wasn’t good enough to have managed it on his own, so there was no sense in lying to her.

"Splaaash," Jewel started, more rationalizing than patronizing like his partner had been. "I thought for certain you’d already have had someone ask you to go!” Glancing over his shoulder, Jewel gave him a look that asked ‘What are you doing??

Forte’s eyes widened at the look, his mouth a straight line. 

>What? You said it was okay!

He argued, turning back to Splash. Who exactly did she think she was fooling? Well, she wasn’t fooling HIM certainly! Or Jewel! Hopefully! 

"Maybe you should have checked in with him sooner, actually, even if we did get together last minute." Forte pointed  out ‘helpfully’ to Splash, his tone still light, "Just a little piece of friendly advice, so that you’re not alone for next year’s prom, early bird, and all that. Except you’re a fish, so, probably not applicable. What an interesting dress."

Hm. Probably shouldn’t have said all that. Too late now. It required a massive amount of restraint to keep himself from throwing his beer in her face, he couldn’t manage to NOT do that AND not run his mouth at the same time. One or the other, here!

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So a miner and a mermaid walk into a bar…



Well blast. There went more than half of Splash’s what-the-hell-are-you-doing bravado. His smile was too cute and his compliments hit her right where she needed them. Maybe after some small talk she could eviscerate him.

"Thank you love," she cooed back and gave him a little displaying turn, making the glitter on her dress and tiara and necklace do interesting things with the lantern light. She hoped Forte was watching, wherever the little mutt had scuttled off to.

"You know I wasn’t sure I was going to come at all, so I’m impressed myself with how last minute it was. You however, look beyond dashing,” a bit of one of his sleeves was starting to become creased so she pulls it out for him, and fusses with his lapel and straightens up his cuffs just for good measure, and out of force of habit. “I wish I could pull off greyscale colors with the same class you do. Did you come alone, dear? It seems to be a trend with our line this time around.” She doesn’t bother with the same cutesy fake smile she usually throws around when looking for information, and she’s not entirely sure why.

As she mentioned her outfit was last-minute, Jewel looked appropriately impressed. She really did look gorgeous, he wasn’t just flattering. He didn’t pull away from her touch, seeming happy to have his clothes fussed with until they looked correct. “Oh, well thank you sister… Alone? Haha… noooo, not exactly. Alone is really is such a relative term though, isn’t it? It doesn’t really mean the same thing to any two people!” Jewel reasoned, and he laughed nervously to himself.

Meanwhile Forte was asking if she was BOTHERING him?

> It’s okay, Forte!

He sent back, trying his hardest to not look too distracted or distressed while he continued to talk with his sister.

"I really am glad you decided to come after all, though. It really wouldn’t have been the same without you.”

Maker, he hoped Forte’d stay right where he was at the bar.

It’s okay, Jewel said, as in okay to come over! Perfect! ‘Misunderstanding’ utterly, Forte took both their glasses in hand and sidled up to his date, smiling at Splash while passing off Jewel’s beer to him. His eyes darted down and up again as he took her in, and his already rotten smile turned into one that looked as if he was trying not to laugh. 

"Splash." he greeted, taking the tension level and raising it by a thousand. 

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So a miner and a mermaid walk into a bar…



Not a hard thing to do, considering most of the partygoers had a good head and a half of height on her, even with her super cute pumps. And leaning and dodging around them to get a look at what was happening over there like some curious animal would be obvious and embarrassing and counter-productive. She couldn’t look too interested, because whatever game Forte had going on was clearly, obviously, plainly a ploy for her attention. Because everything he did was about her, right? Right. She simply couldn’t give him the satisfaction.

In fact she spent most of her casual trek through hedges and trees staying out of Forte’s line of sight, completing the manipulative trifecta of whatever the hell was going on. She wished there was another linemember of hers to stop and talk to, or even other robots to create more of a barrier. 

Well once she got close he was bound to see her anyway, so as soon as Plant and Top had their leave Splash moves through the thin crowd deliberately with a pleasant look on her face and even a wave if he looked over! Just a friendly how do between siblings at a fancy thing, no big of course! And she’d made eye contact, while smiling even. He had nowhere to run.

Jewel wasn’t given much time to stew in his frustration about being deliberately treated like a third wheel by Plant before accidentally making eye contact with Splash, who apparently took it as an invitation to join him. She looked even more beautiful than ever in her gorgeous dress, a calm and genuine smile adorning her face… maybe she HADN’T seen them together? Maker, he hoped so. He really didn’t want to have to awkwardly explain that he was pretending to date her ex for the evening so that his friend wouldn’t be able to call him undateable anymore. It was too pathetic to say out loud.

"Splash!" Jewel greeted with a sheepish wave and smile of his own. Instantly his gaze fell to her neckline, admiring the glittering necklace hanging there… blue rhinestone, he assessed, before making eye contact once again. "I’m so glad to see you made it. You look amazing."

Not all that far away, Forte sat at one of the little bar tables-for-two, watching Jewel and sipping his own beer. This wasn’t working at all. The whole point was Splash seeing Jewel and Forte TOGETHER, instead of her seeing him sitting alone near the bar with two beers. 

He was momentarily distracted by Concrete, but quickly managed to pull his attention back to his date and his ex.

>You want I should come over? Is she bothering you?

He whined at Jewel, taking another sip of his drink. 

>Or you could come over here!

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> Just stay over there for a minute!!

>Did I do something wrong?!

jewelman said: > Stay at the bar

>What? Why? Have you seen the bartender?

Make Her Pay: Reckoning




Plant might have kept smiling, but upon being recognized by the third gen at such a distance, Jewel bristled. On any regular occasion he would have been thrilled at the prospect of spending time with his two closest friends simultaneously, and ESPECIALLY in such a beautiful place, but this was no ordinary evening. Jewel’s lie was growing by the minute, and he was sure if he didn’t take extreme care to play his cards right, that the house would collapse all around him. Maybe he hadn’t thought this all the way through.

"So that’s what you’ve been hiding behind those glasses!” Jewel teased, giving a small wave to Top with the hand that wasn’t currently being held by Forte. “Is this that ‘normalcore’ fashion I’ve been hearing so much about lately?”

But there was no amount of casual small talk or trying to act natural that could distract from the situation at hand; that he was practically tucked under the SWN’s arm, with the both of them wearing psuedo-matching outfits to a formal event. A REALLY romantic looking sort of formal event.

"Why don’t you go get us some drinks?" Jewel asked his date, withdrawing his arm and giving Forte a pat. "Anything’s fine, you know what I like." he instructed, internally screaming a little as the lie continued to grow, and in front of witnesses no less.

Normally he didn’t like to be touched, but he already gave Plant the privilege to get within three feet of him. He continued to smile pleasantly, taking his friends’ smiles at face value.

Wow Jewel had really weird taste in men, but he was just going to be polite and not say it to his face. Anytime soon. Yet.

No, he didn’t have anything against Forte. In fact the 3rd gen was fortunate enough to not be off of his list of smashed robot masters. He didn’t even know Plant and Forte had any relationship at all. Same for Jewel and Forte, actually. Did they even know eachother?

Oh, right, right! He was supposed to filter his thoughts. Don’t say shitty things even if they’re all he thought about. Time to flash a better smile.

"Why thank you, Jewel!" Unable to help himself he giggled in a not-so-dignified fashion. "Funny you say that, I had to get help with this suit. I mean, I couldn’t just wear anything to Plant’s party." That was Top-speak for ‘I wanted to impress you guys and not look like a loser for once.’ "It’s supposed to be special, I even helped pick out cake! …So you really think I look okay? My face feels rather naked without them." 

That was a pretty good save considering he had no idea what the hell normcore even was. All he could think of was the Seinfeld opening playing over and over again. They could make fun of his tastes all they want, but he just wanted to be with other robots from here on out.

As Jewel and Forte exchanged some more, Top stared Plant’s way. Though he kept a warm smile, he kept blinking and trying not to cringe with confusion. Did he walk in on something again? Goddammit.

One of Plant’s sensors blipped in a rather embarrassing public display of the fact that one of his internal systems was not holding up. He checked and noted that his battery was running low, or appeared to be, and pretended nothing happened. Future notifications were set to be silent. He’d last the night.

But this… nonsense was starting to get to him. Forte knew what Jewel liked? Plant barely even knew what Jewel liked…

Rather than say anything he held still, twirling his hair in one finger and flicking his optics around like if he waited long enough one of the two, preferably Jewel, especially since Forte was being sent away, would explain. He’d expected Forte to get Jewel to go with him but not for Jewel to actually be that excited about it.

Distraction. “Top,” he said softly, “have you eaten any of it yet? Let’s have some together, okay?” Casually don’t invite Jewel, that’s right.

Forte had no idea what Jewel liked.

"No problem." Forte announced with a confident nod before striding away. No need to panic, he could figure this out. Blues told him everything he needed to know, he’d said to treat Jewel like a MAN. That meant to not get him things he’d have brought Splash, so nothing blue and nothing sweet. He’d need a man’s drink, but at the same time getting Jewel trashed was NOT part of the plan, so that meant no neat whiskeys or 007 martinis. A manly, light drink? Fancy beer. Fancy beer served in a fancy glass.

Now where was everyone getting drinks from?

There was an open bar area, and Forte’d seen to it personally that it’d been well stocked. Beyond well stocked, but that’s why businesses bought robot insurance. Working the bar was a somewhat familiar face. It was a DLN… a special DLN. SLN.


His eyes narrowed at the reborn DJ Crunchrap Supreme, looking resplendent in his bartender garb.At least he was away from Top Man and Top Man’s extremely punchable looking face.

"Two of your fanciest beers in two of your fanciest beer cups, the tall kind." Forte ordered smugly.

Make Her Pay: Reckoning




What fantastic timing indeed!

Putting on a brilliant smile, the mining robot also straightened up as he’d caught sight of his approaching friend. “Thank you Plant, you’re looking amazing yourself!” Cordialness aside, it was true; Plant was looking as handsome as ever in his element surrounded by all of the lights and greenery, but it was the sudden apology that had left him momentarily stunned. Plant really DID look like he was sorry, or at least, like he had something more he’d wanted to say but wasn’t. While it left Jewel feeling a twinge of guilt, at the same time, apparently showing up with a date and proving him wrong had jogged Plant’s memory.

"Oh, please! You still remember that argument? It hadn’t even crossed my mind for weeks now," Jewel insisted before quickly glancing up at Forte to check his expression. Smiling… good. Appropriate. "I wouldn’t have missed your party for anything! You’ve really… really outdone yourself." The hand on top of his was a good reminder to introduce the SWN. "Oh, and this is my date, Forte. I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about him, though.” Jewel delivered the line convincingly enough, perhaps not realizing just how much his date’s reputation preceded him.

"Jewel, over here!" Top’s voice called from one of the tables close by. The party was going splendid for him. He already gave Plant his thanks and best wishes. For the first time at the dance, he genuinely enjoyed himself. And now his other best friend showed up! 

Oh… He should probably ask Jewel and Plant if it’s okay he considered them besties, huh?

But when he finally showed himself to Jewel and Forte(?????), the scouter bot looked noticeably different. Hair finally combed down and suit not so gaudy and bright he looked normal, modestly attractive even.

Until he opened his mouth again.

"My, I thought you’d never show up," he said, trying to hide the champagne glass he held full of apple cider. "Plant really outdid himself, wouldn’t you say??" There was almost a childlike wonder in his eyes as he beamed towards Jewel and Plant. Not so much Forte, what the fuck was he doing here?

Needless to say, Top wasn’t getting the hint he interrupted something.

"Oh yes I’ve heard plenty about-"

'Jewel, over here!'


Plant tapped his fingertips together, giving Forte a very brief forced smile like I’m sorry, I didn’t ask for this, but don’t worry, Jewel’s just fine so far! And when he turned to look at Top, well, the other was actually looking quite handsome. He smiled again, but genuinely this time.

"You flatter me, Top," he said as he gave his arm a touch and looked back to the others, "really I just hope that all of you can enjoy yourselves." Suddenly this was difficult. He had to keep Forte happy, obviously, which meant keeping Jewel happy. Top wasn’t unwelcome, not at all, but it was making things a tad more difficult.

Forte genuinely didn’t recognise Top Man, not that he probably would have even if the third gen wasn’t dressed to the nines. No, he recognised him a little but couldn’t have named him if he needed to. Apparently he was one of Jewel’s friends though, which meant more smiling, even if for some reason he had the strong urge to slap his drink out of his hand and call him a nerd. At least Forte couldn’t tell he had cider instead of champagne in his glass. 

"It’s nice, you can tell a lot of planning went into this." Forte complimented Plant, pointedly ignoring Top now. "It’s obvious you put a lot of hard work into making it look so great. I really thought for a while there that there wouldn’t be an event this year, but you came through for everyone."

There, that all sounded reasonable and not at all like what he wanted to say, which was, “Maker, how long did it take to set all this shit up? Did you ever stop to charge? Damn.” Either way Forte was pretty sure he was going to need a vacation after this.