forteandgospel asked: Splash, status report. Were you able to safely get Roll awa̲̜͔͎̳̖̪͇͓y̞̙͓̠̜ ̼̲̮͓̰͓ͅḇ̲͈̝̯̮e̳͍f̟̘o̮͉͉̞̥̞̗͖̤r͈̹ͅe̫̮ͅ ͖R͓̰̮͖̲͔̣̹̘o͟͏̢̢̰̳̝̝̳̰̜̤c̶̡̜̪̱̝̞̼̺̀͝k̳̠̠̪͎̻̣̠̘͇̳̣̠̱̙͡͝͝ ̶͕̩̳̤a̸̪̫̘͉͓̲̻̤̦̩͍̹̗̹̣͜ͅt̶̢͇̠̞̟̣̻̝͚̥̭̱̝̻̯̮̰́̀̕t͏̡̛̙͕̯̭͖̜̱̩͔̕o̵҉̶̛͓̮͡ͅá̙͍̰̟̭̘̖͜͡c̢̹̪͓̻̲̮͚̮̀́͠k̢͍͖̝̻̥̕e͏̦̠̙͎̩͔̟̯̩̣͇̖̗̮̩ ̴̵̵̲̙̘̮̘ͥ̓̑̍̆ͦ̅̍͌͒͜͡ ̨̨̡̙͚̘̥̦̺͎͚͖͍̼̙̲̠ͫͮ̿̍̋̌ͮ͂͐ͬͬ͗̎̎͜ ͭ́̋̒̏̊͌̽ͨ̆ͥͨ͌̿́̂̐͜͠͏̢̱̻̙̹̦̟̟̞͜ ̵̶̭̱̦͔̜̱͓̝͍̟͚̭̺̗̻͓̝̠̪ ̸͚̤̯̯̹̣̩̳͈̕͞ ̧̯̘̼͉͔͔͕͙͎̲̪͜͞ ̸̸̡̙̹̳͉̞͚̦̪̱̻̹̼̺͎̣̲͜͞ͅͅ ̸̴̦̜͕͈͓̯̹̩̖̞͙́ͅ-͏͏̟ͅ


Oh maker, that didn’t look good at all. Splash cringes wondering if the garbled message had anything to do with the properly timed sound of some sort of impact several kilometers behind her. While still pissed at him and knowing full well he was Forte and more capable than anyone of taking care of far more than himself, she still worried.

>She’s turned around and I made sure she stayed that way. I’m headed back now and she’s still on course for the mainland, so she’s out of the picture.

>…Are you alright? Do you want me in there?

Splash had no idea why she asked that. She wasn’t fond at all with the idea of fighting Rock, but she was much less fond of the idea of anyone she gave half a hoot about fighting him on their own, and felt compelled to at least make the attempt at assisting them. Maker damned protective programming was going to get her killed one day.

It was several full minutes before Forte had the presence of mind to respond, back on his feet and following Rock’s trail into the jungle.

His shitty mood was even shittier now, and between the sand grinding in his armour plating and the disgust of getting trounced by Rock in one hit Forte was really starting to lose control of his temper. 

>R̰͖̩̱͖̻̦͙̫̼̼̜̗͢͝͠ǫ̸̡̢̙͍̳̠̜̳̞̙̙̞̳̭͟ͅck is headed further inland, I’m in pursuit.  Do as you wish.

Was his terse reply, not bothering to address whether he was okay or not (his system scans were still running, anyway. He felt all right though…) . It was better than what he was going to say, which was a ‘suggestion’ that she take Roll home… and stay there, herself. 

As his thoughts began to stay towards his increasing misgivings by Splash, Gospel began to growl. 

Right… focus. 

Still, he couldn’t shake the sick, hurt feelings that either DLN had inspired in him. 

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Operation Fortress Infiltration Continues


imageSoon was right. In fact, there was such an urgency in Rock’s return that it came a few seconds early.imageBefore Forte’s timer could finish, the distant noise of a teleport beam sounds off far above his head, and soon after the thundering explosion of an object breaking the sound barrier.

imageRock’s body by itself couldn’t take high-velocity impacts, but Gutsman’s Super Arms certainly could.Whistling straight through the air towards the ground, Rock comes cannonballing down with a double over-arm fist smash at the ready. His returning teleport checkpoint wasn’t located directly where Forte was standing, but in fact right in front of him, down into the crater of his previous death. Even if Forte wasn’t directly beneath him to be landed on, the shockwave of two super-arms slamming the ground would rattle and crack his parts loose, so gaining some generous distance between himself and Rock’s landing-site should present itself as a high priority for the SWN.

When Rock does land, he does it fists-first so that the Super-Arms absorb the entirety of the landing shock to his body. The island itself wouldn’t be so lucky— Rock actually slightly tips the floating island upon impact, and creates a massive seismic event of sand and vessel machinery from beneath the island’s top beach-crust hurdling into the air in a tidal wave in all directions, chasing Forte a good distance back from Rock.

Settling down onto his feet after his Guts-Fists caught his fall, Rock switches weapons again and turns the other way, facing inland now with his back to Forte. The color-pixelated under-surface of his armor shifts from the golden brown of Super Arm, to default blue, then to chromatic black, loading Oil Slider. Leaping out of the crater, Rock shoots a glob of super-slick oil beneath him and lands into it with a kick-slide, slip ‘n sliding himself off along the ground and into the brush of the jungle surrounding the fortress just inland of the coast.

Rock’s landing might have gotten him some distance and cover from Forte, but it would be clear where he went after the dust settles. A trail of black, gooey oil leads into the heavy foliage beyond the sand. This fight was far from over.

In the middle of messaging Splash, Forte had barely noticed his timer was up, let alone be prepared for an EARLY re-entry. He noticed the sound of the teleport overhead far too late, Rock landing at sonic speeds at his very feet like a bomb going off. The shockwaves blew through him, nearly blinding him with warnings as he felt like he was being torn apart, even if his sturdy, rugged frame held together just fine.

Thrown off his feet from the blast, Forte found himself in the air with a metric ton of sand, gravel and island parts. Things got hazy from there, but once his cognitive functions came back online he found himself partially buried and with sand in pretty much every crevice on him.

"Why?" he moaned, unfused, Gospel having been working hard at unburying him for some time now apparently. "Fucking ROCKMAN!"

It took a bit to get himself back in working order after being stunned so badly, but once he was back on his feet Forte took off in hot pursuit. First Duo, then his girlfriend, now this? He could already hear the endless razzing he’d get at failing as the fortress’ first line of defence. Today was a shit day, and he couldn’t wait to get his hand around Rock’s throat for it.

>There’s sand in my vents

Gospel growled, equally raw. Why the fuck did an island filled with ROBOTS have SAND? It was like asking for trouble. 

>I’m gonna bite his fucking head off!

Operation Fortress Infiltration Continues



image"Hhhhngh!!" Rock’s strained voice made a Doppler effect as it spun a distance around Forte, faster and faster, the velocity rising far too high for Rock to hold his bearings well enough to even aim his other hand as a buster-cannon and fire at Forte swinging him around. For being the world’s heroic "super fighting robot", Rock was actually a very fragile little lab-assistant machine. He wasn’t made for the intense Gs he was undergoing as Forte’s supercharged strength swung him around like a disoriented ragdoll, because at these speeds now Rock’s internal gyroscopic orientation systems couldn’t keep track of what was up and down.

imageSwooping closer by the sandy island ground with each high-velocity swing Forte made, Rock’s systems could only assault himself with various warning messages. »terminal velocity warning«, »gyroscopic failure«, many things flashing in the backs of his tight-shut eyelids like impending doom while his quickly-passing helmet grazes plumes of coastal sand into the air. Another few swings all around, and then finally—

imageRock made collision with the ground, and explodes on head-first impact. His death is signified by the telltale scattering blue rings of energy that shoot past Forte and dissipate into the air. Rock was wrecked, and the remains of his wire-grapple release from Forte’s buster, falling off into the air. Forte was the victor.. but as he surely knew, only for the time being. The SWN could expect that blue bomber to return soon, he surely established a teleport check-point when he reached the island surface. All he can do now is enjoy this moment’s reprieve and ready himself for the inevitable round two.

Drifting to the ground, Forte stood at the edge of the impact crater, looking at the scattered remains of Rock. Really, there wasn’t much left for blue shreds, which was rather soothing in a way. 

More collected now, Forte set a timer in his HUD so he wouldn’t be surprised by Rock dropping back in on him, which had happened before. He always liked the little breaks inbetween fights, it felt like a sort of twilight, Rock’s re-appearance just on the horizon. 

He took a moment to fire off a message to Splash, asking about the status of Roll, unaware she’d alluded to him being a misogynist. He tried to push the thoughts of her out of his head but all it did was bring a fresh new wave of anger and embarrassment. 

"I have no major complaints about Forte" didn’t sound like she was proud to be part of his life, or even happy. That was fine, he wasn’t happy either.

>You didn’t ask what Rock even wanted.

Gospel pointed out helpfully, somewhere from in Forte’s head. 

>Forget about the fish, damnit, we have more important things to focus on! Get your head on straight!


Rock would be back soon. 

Operation Fortress Infiltration Continues



The surprise on his face wasn’t caused from Forte’s approach. No, it came from the sheer thrill of what he was still registering within databanks. The thrill of it, how cool it had been to just be propelled forward (he had even hollered until he realized Rock was not there), the fear of knocking Rock into the ocean, and now the weird looking robot chasing after him. It took a second to realize it wasn’t another missile, and another for the event to trigger a program that could only be triggered once a heavy set of regulations had been met: combat mode.

It had taken crossing through that invisible field, those explosions and the target before the two to trigger it. As systems recognized SWN-001 as dangerous and the enemy it released its hold on stationary controls meant for the environment he worked in and allowed him to act as if Wily had seated a chip on his board himself. There were no humans here to strike up conflict; the city a far cry away from their current location. Scans through red oculars warranted that green light and left his face mask to secure itself back over his mouth that no longer stood agape. 

Fire roiled within his canons once more, but the knowledge that they needed to get on land first was top priority, until a sudden reading alerted him to the on-goings below the surface of the restless sea beneath them. Not far from them Rush and Roll were submerged though he never tore his gaze from their enemy that he wanted to burn on the spot. He stood in the way of what they were trying to accomplish, was a threat to bringing Elec home— but Rock needed Rush if SWN-001 could just fly. Plus there was no guarantee that Roll would be safe there even with Rush. What was she doing there?!

>What do ya’ll wanna do, Rock?! Ah got reading’s of Roll n’Rush down there n’this guy is hot on our tail! 

As much as his oil boiled to take action, he didn’t want to send Rock toppling off Item 2 without working with him first. They were a team. He needed to remember that if he was going to get anywhere close to Elec.

imageUnwilling to play this nihilistic game of chicken with the oncoming SWN, Rock swerves the Item-2 aside and shifts course, leaving Forte to follow suit and chase close above and behind them, raining his volleys of purple energy rounds at the Lightbots. Rock and Fire’s time to think about a next move was dwindling as quickly as Item-2 was losing fuel, and Forte’s leading aim was catching up to them.

image “Rush and R— ROLL!?

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Having worked himself up pretty badly blowing up at that big-fisted moron, Forte was more than happy to be taking his frustrations out on the two invading DLNs. He watched with a twisted smile plastered on his face, his red eyes glittering with smug satisfaction at having destroyed Item-2, sending Rock and Fire hurdling toward the ground. His brief moment of triumph was short lived however, and while he would’ve loved to watch both Rock and whoever the hell that was with him be smashed into a million pieces from the fall, it wasn’t really a surprise that little boy blue had a few tricks tucked away in his bulbous robot sleeves.

Irritated by watching Fire land safely, despite the (literal) garbage robot not even worth paying attention to, it’s Rock’s grappling line getting a good hold on him that really pisses him off. The sudden weight of the robot latching onto his buster caught him off guard and practically tore his arm off as he reversed thrust to stay airborne. Looking both puzzled and outraged all at once, Forte manages to regain control, firing a few erratic blasts first before Rock came swinging back in, his fist just barely grazing his jaw. As soon as Rock sailed past, Forte grabbed ahold of the cable attached to him and, using the DLN’s own intertia against him, he began to swing the DLN around like a ragdoll on the end of a string, attempting to slam him into the ground.

MY NAME IS FORTE!” he screeched mindlessly, too upset about such a shitty day to even ask why Rock had suddenly appeared. Forte was usually pretty out of sorts whenever they got together, but something was definitely off here today.

  • me: how do you even write a forte
  • shea: get really upset about something you cant change, first
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Operation Fortress Infiltration




"Uh— Sure! Any plan seems like a good plan right about now…!"

image “… or.. uh—”

image"—Fire, maybe n—"

image “—no-o-O-OOOT!?

imageOf the two riding the board, Rock was the one flung from it when it was blasted forward. His helmet was sent flipping off into the ocean below, and his own body tumbled through the air until item-2’s greater sustained propulsion helped it catch back up to him before he could fall below its altitude.

imageBy wonderful chance, Rock was able to wrap his arms around the nose of item-2, hanging there for a moment as he regained his bearings, then climbing up aboard it again, imagegiving Fire a clearly shaken and rattled— yet foolhardily optimistic look and gesture of confidence. “N-Nice thinking, Fire! That whole volley of rockets blew, and now we get a minute to breathe while they’re reloading, AND we’re already way closer now! Now if the item-2 can last us a safe ride down the rest of the way, we—”

image"— uh!—"


To his surprise, Rockman was still airborne when Forte got a visual on him, sharing his flying surfboard piece of shit thing his dad built him with some old, similarly stupid looking DLN behind him. It made sense, showing up to the fortress alone was suicide, and Rockman was probably stupid enough to think he could wipe them all out by himself, with just one other lightbot for backup. Forte’s already white-hot temper burned even hotter at the imagined slight, that smug PRICK! HOW DARE HE! He was going to wipe the floor with Rock and that other asshole, and it was going to feel AMAZING.

Already going top speed, it was only a waiting game now. However, as he closed in, his HUD displayed there was yet ANOTHER combatant ahead. While he hadn’t immediately pieced together who “DLN-007” was, he certainly know who was designated “002”.


He messaged, skipping his typical honorific for her. Forte was beyond sore with her at the moment- if anything, he feelings for her at that point were only fueling his already inconsolable rage.

>Roll is in the aquaspace around the fortress on Rush. Scramble immediately. This fight is going to be no place for-
his feed paused for a second as the DLN’s co-ordinates were sent.

>-unarmed combatants.


  • Joolmon - 20 minutes
  • Helmet-less Baes - 15 minutes

I CAN’T DRAW SLIM BOYS ANYMORE I TRIED SO HARD TO KEEP JEWEL SLENDER BUT NOW HE’S ALL POOFY UEAHHH No seriously I spent like 10 of those minutes trying to cut back on muscle curves and THEY’RE STILL THERE.


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OOC: Second art trade down \(owo)/ Here’s a cranky Forte for Shea.
Tumblr’s messed with the image quality because it’s a butt so here’s the full-sized version.

((IT’S GORGEOUS!!!! HE LOOKS LIKE HE’S GONNA GO KILL A GUY! Ok now i do my half of trade =w=))


OOC: Second art trade down \(owo)/ Here’s a cranky Forte for Shea.

Tumblr’s messed with the image quality because it’s a butt so here’s the full-sized version.

((IT’S GORGEOUS!!!! HE LOOKS LIKE HE’S GONNA GO KILL A GUY! Ok now i do my half of trade =w=))


Uninvited Interloping Dowdy Elder Space Gods



Oh, alright. So she was being ignored in her own room now. That was lovely. As was the wholly unnecessary screaming and existential crisising going on in it. She raises her hand to interject during both of their tirades several times, either to ask Duo to leave again or to ask either of them to just bloody shut up and be pleasant. It’s not like it would kill either of them.

She might kill one of them, though, after that oh so tactful comment about robots. Right in front of her. In her own room, while he was starting a fight with their only actual sound defense against the biggest threat in the world right now.

She was not impressed with either of them in the least right now, and her bewildered and angry expression (that neither of them likely even noticed) reflected that nicely. To her the entire ordeal had gone from needlessly awkward to needlessly hostile. Their guest was being as rude as possible and Forte was just provoking him and really the entire thing was far too much for her nerves and her patience. She doubted they’d even notice as she picked up her helmet and calmly walked out of the room. They’d probably forget she was even in there to begin with after a bit more yelling anyway. She needed a drink.

Duo had a habit of turning his head to look at whoever wasn’t currently talking, his big battery-shaped head turning to watch as Splash exited while Forte’s tirade went on. He rose a finger to her and opened his mouth to speak, but he wouldn’t interrupt Forte, and Splash was gone before he finished. His shoulders decompress a little when he’s left with the screaming android and his canine, turning back to face him and letting the air settle a little after Forte finishes, letting stagnate a short pause before making his own voice heard again.

"Peace is more than just the desirable state of the cosmos, Forte. Peace is something you need for yourself, and by your words it’s obvious you’re far from finding it. It’s true I speak in contradictions, but that’s what the balance of chaos and order is. Compromise."

The hulking spacebot rises from his seat, removing his own helmet and tucking it under his right arm as he looks down at Forte with a sort of ‘them’s the facts’ look about his face. “I’ll say it again. You’re special. Everything about you is a contradiction— the evil in the might of your power, but the light of good in your potential. You’re the best being you can be by being who you are, but your suppressed troubles will be your premature downfall. That’s what I’m going to help you overcome. One way or another, you will fight for peace. Even if it only means your own peace of mind.”

"Tell me. What standard is it that you hold yourself to? Why do you measure yourself to Rock?”

Forte watched as Splash marched her ass past the two of them while he screamed at Duo, managing to not flinch when the door shut, but it definitely left him feeling sick and dizzy. Here he was pouring his guts out in a way he’d never felt able to do before and she just… up and left?  By time Duo had begun speaking his face was red and he looked like he was going to explode in another frustrated tantrum. It was almost impossible to pay attention, but he did his best… or at least had his blazing red eyes trained on the space giant while he talked, even if his mind was racing a mile a minute.  

Forte’s infuriated, puffed-up-bluebird stance deflated a little when chest to chest with Duo, though it was more from the ego stroke than anything. His ears practically rang as the word ‘special’ was spoken, winning Duo some more of his attention. He opened his mouth to reply, hand raised and even pausing before he spoke to take a deep breath (he didn’t need it, of course, it was pure aesthetics), but instead of pulling out a stunning rebuttal he whipped around, wide eyed, his back to the visitor. 

Though Forte was loathe to admit he even had a HUD, or any other robotty parts, there was no getting past the fact that Rockman’s signal had just appeared behind him. He stared, gaping, re-running the scan a few times, sensors indicating that Rock was here, along with another TWO DLNS, and Rush of course. Back in reality it looked more like he was gaping at the blank wall, and while unaware he was trembling he was aware enough to be thankful Duo couldn’t see his terrible expression. Truthfully, Forte didn’t have to turn around to do run his scans, but there was something untenable about letting Rock be behind him, even if he was nearly a mile and a half away.

>What are you waiting for?!

Gospel asked, now at his side and staring too. 

"Actually, could you excuse me for a moment while I think about how to answer that thing that you asked me?" Forte replied politely as he calmly walked out the door and closed it behind him. Out of earshot he noisily took off as fast as his legs could carry him to the nearest exit, the CLANK of his footsteps echoing off the walls. "C’MON, C’MON, C’MON!”  he howled the second they hit daylight. In a purple flash they fused and Forte took off through the air, expecting no less from his unaware opponent. 

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Uninvited Interloping Dowdy Elder Space Gods



What the bloody hell Splash thought with an expression on the border of angry and severely concerned, before she realized she’d actually said it out loud. Normally she’d be aghast at herself, but with her boyfriend standing in the middle of her room panting at their poorly-dressed guest with steam and ripped clothing clinging to him (she’d gotten him that shirt herself!) there were plenty of other things to be aghast about.

At a complete loss for words Splash walks over and takes the mug from Duo and places it on a nearby desk. She wrings her hands and clasps them across her stomach in an attempt to calm her nerves. “I think you should head off now,” she tells Duo flatly without looking at either of them. “Thank you for stopping by.”

Everything unfolded in front of Duo as he sat calmly, drinking again from his mug. Unfazed for the most part, but the robotic musculature beneath the skin of his face ceased to pull the ends needed to make his subtle, comfortable smile. imageHe waited for Splash to finish, but didn’t remove his gaze from Forte now. He had a look of decision in his eyes.

"… Try and understand," He began, setting the emptied plastic mug down. "when I declare that an intervention is in order, for a troubled friend. A man’s business is his own, but it is a soul’s duty to aid those he cares about.” He didn’t move from his spot— and despite Splash’s unsettled mention that he should, the god of order was stubborn in ensuring his order maintained. In some cases, for better or worse.

"Your purpose suffers with anguish, Forte. Don’t fight back your feelings, face them. Criticize them.

INTERVENTION?” Forte screeched back, unable to keep a calm tone any longer, really looking for all the world like he was about to jump Duo. Gospel had certainly stopped laughing and put himself between the two of them, barking.

>Hey! If you’re going to get yourself destroyed, do it outside!

Maker, it drove him crazy to watch Forte waste that body of his on pointless crap like this. If HE had a humanoid form, he sure as shit wouldn’t be starting a fight with a Stardroid killer concerned about his soul. At the same time, it was impossible to try and stop Forte.

"You say a man’s business is his own in one breath and then tell me to ‘criticise my feelings’ in the next! What do you even know about the way I feel or my "purpose”, you’re some fucking outerspace creature so I’m asking you- WHAT do you even KNOW about me?!” he shouted, cutting the air with his hand. “I hear this stupid shit all the time- you can’t win because you’re only fighting for yourself! What does it mean?! Why am I not a good enough cause- everyone tells Rock to follow his destiny, but when I follow mine all I get is a fucking INTERVENTION! The worst part is he’s a goddamned ROBOT, DUO! An OLD one at that- he’s not even an honest to god, fully-conscious, sentient being! Are you even aware of that?!”

Though he could probably stand to not shittalk robots in front of Splash Woman.

"So explain to me why MY needs and wants as the closest fucking thing on this planet to a real synthetic human, are less than that of a walking buster with a fucking face painted on it!”

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Uninvited Interloping Dowdy Elder Space Gods



>Don’t start a fight with the space deity, dear.

Splash reminds Forte gently yet firmly as she fetches Duo some tea, which since good things were hard to find in Pleb Fortress without going onto the mainland, was just lemon Snapple heated in the largest mug she could find. With a lemon slice wedged onto the rim for appearances’ sake.

"Oh, yes. My name is Splash. I used to be a DLN. Let me know if that needs anything." She considered making a joke of asking if Duo could see the ‘light’ in her, but decided against it. 

Fake smile all but worn off she leans against the wall beside the creaky door and clasps her hands over her skirt, watching Gospel prance about and bark and wag at their visitor. He seemed delighted. She wondered what kind of obscene things he must have been saying to Forte about their guest.

"…And let me know the next time you need to go somewhere in human clothing." If he was as naive as he seemed this visit wasn’t going to be so terrible. "So mister… Duo, was it then? What exactly was it you wanted to meet with us about?""Ah, thank you." Well this was an impressive little chalice… little, that is, by Duo's proportions, but undeniably bigger than most others he's held visiting this world. He held it by the handle with his more reasonably sized hand, taking a swig and smiling to show his approval of the Earth-beverage, all the while receiving such curious attention from Gospel. He wanted to ask about it, but he wouldn't ignore Splash's topic either.

"Ah, one of Thomas’s. I trust that times have considerably changed since years ago, you appear happy in this place, and not under malicious control. I’m very pleased by this growth! The balance is tipping in favor of peace. A pleasure meeting you, Splash."

He swigs again, easing back in the bag chair and letting his free, massive hand idly nudge Gospel’s head. It was an attempt at gently petting the dog’s head— and Duo really did have control over gentle motions— but it looked like he could simply flick a finger and send Gospel hurdling through a wall.

"Well you see, during my time here before, happenstance was that Forte— along with the Light brothers Rock and Blues— and I, had joined forces to punish Dr. Wily. Our motives may all have varied, Forte’s proving to be very selfish indeed… but battling alongside him, a certain form of energy— a potential for justice and grandeur roared and made itself known within his heart. His views are his own, his rage is short-tempered and his enemies have been the good-hearted, but I can see within him that he is misunderstood. Special. He can grow to be a hero, and so I’ve decided I will mentor him, and help him fight for peace.”

Forte stared ahead like he hadn’t heard Duo, and Gospel slid out of the giant’s lap and onto his back on the floor, paralysed by laughter, weakly pawing at the air before flopping onto his side. 


he howled, his tail thumping against the floor in an uncoordinated way…

…but Forte did not reply, not at first. He didn’t move an iota for some time, though the air seemed to shimmer around him for a moment and then- RIIIIP

His shirt pulled tight against his chest seemingly of its own accord, and for the first time he’d ever done it in front of her, Forte visibly vented heat, his shirt torn by the sharp panels on his back popping open, the remaining shirt-tatters now dripping wet with steam.

"Thank you for the offer." he replied cooly, his voice modulating to nearly unintelligible levels as he spoke, his shoulders shaking as he tried to restrain himself from jumping on Duo and biting his face. "I think I’m okay though." he added, the heat of his core actually melting the plastic buttons on his shirt. 

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Uninvited Interloping Dowdy Elder Space Gods



Splash hadn’t even had the capacity to offer any sort of greeting. This was terrible. This was a travesty. This was probably illegal in at least fifty countries. Had she the power she would make certain it was punishable by death in the fortress, or at least in the general area of her room.

"Evening," she finally offers at the behemoth in a tone so flat it almost matched Forte’s pitch. She was suddenly glad she’d opted to stay in her armor. "Excuse us a moment, won’t you?"

She shuts the door slowly, managing a fake polite smile at the last second. Unable to say anything to anyone about anything she just sort of stares at the door for a few seconds, looks at Forte, back at the door, sighs like she’d just scratched off a losing lotto ticket, and plasters on the fake smile as she opens the door again. “Come in and have a seat, won’t you?” She leaves Forte with the open door and trots into the room, fake smile superglued onto her face as she drags over the largest beanbag they had. It was the only thing he would fit on short of the bed, and the bedroom door was shut.

image"Hello! Ye-"


Duo wasn’t quite sure if something was wrong based just on the look on Splash’s and Forte’s faces, even when she had to close the door on him momentarily to compose herself. Once he was invited in, however, he was all smiles again.

"Good day!" He offered Splash a reassuring nod of the head as he passed her coming inside, and let his mammoth hand grasp Forte’s shoulder endeeringly as he passed him by, arriving in the room and accepting Splash’s next invitation. "A seat. Yes, thank you." He peered curiously down at the bean bag as it was dragged over, and assuming an awkward squat, he eventually eased his hulking frame down into it. It looked like he was crushing a defenseless hackey-sack to death, Duo was anything but light weight.

"… *ahem*" He sat, hands resting on his knees with his legs crossed, looking around at Splash, Forte, and then even noticing Gospel, offering him a smile and nod too. "It’s been some time, Forte and Gospel! I still see the light in you. And miss robot, you’re very kind inviting me, but you’re new to me. What do they call you?" He offers his large hand out to shake. It was WAY too big for her, but he accepted having just the one finger held.

Forte didn’t bother attempting to correct his expression when the door was closed, though it certainly changed when his shoulder was fondly grasped.

Gospel was more than happy to break the mood, prancing right up to Duo and barking, and then sitting down next to the beanbag and then standing and barking more before helping himself up onto the rock-solid beanbag chair, walking behind Duo back and forth a few times before jumping off. If his tail wagged any harder, it might have been considered a weapon.





he laughed at Forte, who had gone back to gawking, his hair starting fluff up a little as it dried. His mouth opened a little, because the only response he could formulate to, “I still see the light in you” was “I AM THE BEST AT HAVING BRIGHT LIGHTS” and “FIGHT ME, I’M THE STRONGEST”…. so he shut it. Splash wanted to meet this guy, after all. 



Gospel took a moment to put his paws on Duo’s knee, looking up at him, tongue lolling. 



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Anonymous asked: It's been years since you gained your reputation as a nipple displacement unit, it's about time you lived up to your title!


I’ve never done so and I never will. If I recall it was Bass who had the box of nipples anyway.




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Uninvited Interloping Elder Space Gods



He was lucky she hadn’t forced him to scrub Wave’s oil spit out of the carpet after the last time he’d pulled that. She looks sideways at his tantrum without the slightest amusement from her vanity, fixing her thigh-high stockings before getting back to work on her hair with a slim blue straightener with cheap little plastic “gems” on it.

"Oh do calm down love, he’s hardly a threat at all," she assures and puts the straightener down to fluff the curly ends she’d left, then stands to fetch her helmet to cover it all up. "He’s an enemy of the Stardroids, which makes him quite alright in my book. And to our knowledge he hasn’t followed up on any of his ‘evil energy’ threats."

Secretly Splash was looking forward to the giant buffoons visit. Forte needed socialization (and maybe a bit of an ass-kicking) and she needed a power trip. Wave’s last few visits had her on edge. Someone powerful enough to choke a Stardroid but timid enough to do whatever a lady told him seemed like just the thing to calm her nerves. She struts over to the edge of Forte’s heinous polyester territory and crosses her arms. “You’ll be fine, stop worrying and come with me to greet him at the door. The less evil you make yourself look, the better.”

image"Hello?" Duo’s voice hummed through the door. "Guns shot at me outside. I broke a different door to come inside. I am responsible for these things. I am very sorry."

He stood outside Splash’s door, one hand fidgeting idly with the other larger one as he waited. Splash’s parameters included dressing and cleaning up nicely, and Duo had certainly bathed, but he had no sense whatsoever about Earth fashion, and being “dressed nicely” to him would seem to be “elastic clothes that stretch to fit without tearing”… So, opening the door, Splash and Forte would find Duo standing in the bizarre combination of a stretchy v-neck shirt, a japanese belly-warmer, hawaiian floral-print beach trunks and… socks. No shoes, just socks.

In Duo’s defense, at least it didn’t tear like that dress shirt Flash mocked him about. Duo felt sensitive about that.

Forte looked like he was going to scream when he heard Duo’s voice already at their door, not really prepared to be social yet and certainly not with him. The giant’s proclamation would have sounded pathetic if Forte wasn’t already picturing the trail of destruction he had most certainly left in his wake, and the thought of Duo being able to just FIND him with his ‘signal’… well, it made his core burn cold for a second.

Being the gentleman, however, Forte shouldered past Splash to wrench the door open, red eyes going wide as he slowly took in Duo’s outfit. Somehow, he’d managed to find a waist-sock, let alone everything else he’d… how did he… WHERE…… where were his shoes? Forte was speechless…. not that he looked much better. 

Hurt by his mate’s comment about trying to look less ‘evil’, he’d put a lavender button up shirt on where his breastplate would normally fit on his armour and had forgone his helmet entirely, instead opting to wet and slick back his tangle of blond hair. Next to him, Gospel’s tail began wagging faster and faster, this was fucking hilarious. 

"Hi." he greeted in a perfectly flat tone, not moving, still gawking.

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